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Friday, 24 February 2012

London Fashion Week A/W 2012 ... Last Days Round Up

The week that was London Fashion Week - Autumn / Winter 2012 has come to an end this week, finishing with men's day. It's been an exciting week for London fashion designers; there's a real buzz around the edgy design coming out of London at the moment.

The popularity of men's wear has seen it massively over subscribed with requests for it's own separate dates to be moved away from women's wear, and the announcement was made that men's wear gets it's own fashion week in June! It's going to be a big year for fashion this year!

For me the best men's wear collection by far is Oliver Spencer - interesting clothes on interesting models that actually look like real men. Rivalled only by Rake and McQueen men's wear this year....and speaking of McQueen.... Soviet Russian militia meets 50s prom... fabulous as always the fashion house continues to impress.

For the final day of women's wear the look and feel of the whole day was fun and sassy. Meadham Kirchoff was vibrant and space age, Anshish had a few key pieces that were stunning but looked mostly like they'd raided an Oxfam shop and added some sequins.

Finale by KTZ made for an interesting collection with an eclectic mix of 80's bling, voluminous fabrics, hints of Scotland, Egyptian symbolic prints and lumberjack coats.

This year all eyes are on Britain as we host the Olympics, combined with the popularity worldwide of the Duchess of Cambridge flying the flag of British designers, and with more and more high profile actors and artists choosing UK based designers on the red carpet, all in all it's a great time for the UK fashion industry.

To view the collections visit London Fashion Week TV


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