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Friday, 30 March 2012

Panic! Buy Stamps, Pasties & Fuel Now...Or Shall We All Just Keep Calm And Carry On?

What a week! The country seems to have worked itself up in to a frenzy of panic! Queues at petrol stations, fighting breaking out at the pumps, rationing and road closures ...all for the suggestion that there may be a strike in couple of weeks time!

The tanker drivers union is not meeting until Monday to start negotiations and after negotiations have finished they still have to give seven days notice before they strike making this weeks behaviour at the pumps pointless. A woman was badly burnt today as the fuel she was transferring from into a jerry can from a jug set alight in her kitchen whilst the oven was on nearby. I heard some people being interviewed on the radio after they were asked why they were queueing and the reply was because they'd seen everyone else queueing! The Union has also said today that it won't strike over the Easter weekend.

Of course now everyone is realising it is a storm in a tea cup (or as our tabloids are calling it ...a storm in a jerry can) the blame game begins! With government and opposition wrangling over political motives and public bodies criticising it just fuels the fire further. The media as usual has over dramatised everything and played a big part in creating this hysteria as the Guardian's photo gallery of the main tabloids front pages shows.

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