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Monday, 3 October 2016

Store Audits do you have all the info?

How do you keep track of your retail estate?
Do you know the layout and dimensions in all of your stores?
Do you know the sizes and how to access all your windows?
Could you be saving money by ordering the correct amounts and sizes?
Little things like are the appearance of the shelving putting customers off purchasing your products? Could a shelf branding update increase the ease of customers finding your products?
From a very reliable source working in a HQ of a UK supermarket chain I was once told a high percentage around 70% of POS sent straight to store never actually made it onto the shop floor due to things like:
  1. Being too big,
  2. Being too small
  3. Being unsuitable for existing racking or wrong fixtures included
  4. No Install Instructions/in store comms on the promotion
  5. Parts missing,
  6. Store staff not knowing where to place it
  7. Getting lost or arriving too early/late for allocated promotion time
  8. Being damaged on delivery/in the warehouse.
A site survey can prevent points 1, 2, 3 and 6 and having a installation team install your item can over come the other points and ensure your promotion is in place where and when you need it to be.

 So imagine spending on a roll out of lets say graphics which have an allocated time frame to co inside with your TV advert etc. and then getting to site to realise that without height equipment your installers cant reach where it needs to go aarrgghhhhhhhh!!!!!! This could mean paying installers twice, missing promotion deadline, having to hire expensive equipment last minute and potentially it not fitting and needing re-printing. Can you afford to risk it?
A building is unlikely to change its measurements so a site survey can be a really good investment in the long term.

We have just completed an entire audit for the second time on a well known supermarket chain:
Case study 1: Our auditors using a mobile reporting system recorded every fixture and item of point of sale in each of the retailers stores. Using a mobile reporting app provided by our client we transferred the information they required instantly. We created a schedule and completed the project a head of time.
They now know the exact layout of their stores and what kit to send to each.

Case Study 2: We were asked to measure all walls and windows for the installation of digitally printed vinyl. We not only gave measurements we also gave recommendations on what equipment would be required to install the items and any obstructions or access issues that may arise.

 Without the site survey, the bespoke sized graphics wouldn't of fit and without going to site it was impossible to tell which access equipment would be required to fit some of the windows.
 If you have 1 store or more and need a site survey please send a spec over to us at ruck and we will happily assist. LJ.LAVIN@RUCK.LTD.UK 01606 550 961

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