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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bespoke POS Odering System vs off the Shelf?

The business owners at Ruck have a long history of logistics & warehousing planning & distribution. Before software was available for POS ordering everything was done with a papertrail attached, and all the pitfalls of a manual paper system. Things have changed considerably over the last 20 years and technology has allowed a leaner more stream lined way of operating.

We were asked by our clients Budweiser Budvar to operate with a POS ordering system that was easy to use online for all their retailers at a click of a button. We set about developing a bespoke POS ordering system that met their specific needs and have continued to use this to consistently deliver an excellent service.

Since then we have extended a version of this to all our clients. One benefit of a bespoke POS ordering system is that each client can have their own, modified to meet their unique set of needs which links in to their own stock systems, and RFID warehousing.

Off the shelf packages often have their limitations and cannot be integrated into your clients databases. It can often be more cost effective to have your own system created if you have the right skills in house or can purchase the skills you need at a competitive rate.

One of the down sides of any online ordering system is the lack of human interaction. Making sure that the delivery or installation team is fully equipped with not just a tool box but with good communication skills makes the final point of contact memorable....

 A seamless link between man and machine is maintained, and it's not just another impersonal online transaction.  Combining excellent customer service with a superior tailored online ordering system allows your business to consistently deliver high service levels with the on time - every time accuracy that we all strive to maintain.

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