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Monday, 14 November 2011

The Perfect Roast Potatoes...from Field to Plate!

We have the Christmas roll outs completed this weekend - the nation has been decorated in store and out! The scene has been set in supermarkets across the UK for the buying of goods and food for the festive season. Now we are preparing the warehouse for the imminent arrival of Morrison's potatoes and onions!

The UK consumes so many root vegetables over the run up to and the Christmas period supermarkets simply cannot hold and process enough in time to make sure the shelves remain full. We will hold 15 varieties of onions alone..in ambient storage along with potatoes and other vegetables, all packed and waiting to hit the supermarket shelves for our hungry consumers.

It got me thinking about the route from field to table and everything that happens in between....and how most people are completely unaware of the careful planning that goes into making sure they have everything available for Christmas dinner! 

This little film made by family run potato producers Osbourne Farm demonstrates the harvest last September:

Whether it's goose or turkey, game or nut roast one thing we all look forward to the most... and of course cooked to perfection... are the roast potatoes! Fresh produce has to be planned and timed perfectly:- from field to processing to ambient storage temperatures to ensure its arrival on our shelves in tip top condition. We all work hard behind the scenes, the cogs of industry turning hard and fast to make sure we have those scrumptious 'roasties' on Christmas day.

Yummmmmmm!!  Home grown rosemary finishes them off perfectly!

Whatever your family tradition, the type of spud you use (always King Edwards in our house), the combination of vegetables, arguments over who will peel the spuds and stray bits of tinsel in the sprouts I'm sure Christmas 2012 will be well worth all the planning and hard work... when we all finally relax and sit down to dinner.

How to cook the perfect roast potatoes:

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