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Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Future of POP Display - Augmented Reality.. Where is it Heading?

The world has gone digital! In today's world we interact online and on screen, and expect information to be at our fingertips. So it's no surprise that retailers such as Tesco's are using Augmented Reality (AR) screens to free up shelf space in store and have a whole interactive touch screen menu of products with access to real time demonstrations.
The consumer is ever more demanding and technology is moving at a pace. As online sales increase retailers are starting to realise they can offer the kind of interactivity that online e-commerce websites offer in store. If I think of an advantage one of my favourite online clothing stores has it's the demo' video of models wearing the outfit. I enjoy that website because I can see how it moves and looks in real time, but I don't always want to wait a few days for the item to arrive; so will often purchase in store after viewing online.

Combining that experience in store with details on the product, particularly useful for electronic gadgets with a lot of technical information, as well as large bulk items is good for retailer and customers alike. Lego use AR in store in the USA which allows children to pick up the product (with built in RFID technology), hold it up to the camera and see how the Lego bricks will be virtually built up to demonstrate what the toy will look like in 3D - see below:

Studies have shown that consumers often viewed online before going in store to purchase so it's not just me. This allows that whole cycle to happen in store, giving consumers a more informative interactive experience upon which to make their purchasing decisions.

Currently being rolled out and trialled in Tesco Extra stores, I have no doubt this will be more than just a novelty factor that dies out as I think this is different from the apps for smart phones which so far haven't really worked for brands. Online shopping has changed the way in which we purchase and as media channels merge, the evolution of internet ready smart TVs, and cutting edge innovative media shopping applications continue to change and shape how we shop we will embrace AR as part of our shopping experience.

The supply and installation of 'Point of Purchase' display materials will continue to move in to more digital formats to work alongside and enhance traditional POP display. The use of LCD screens in retail outlets is something we have been involved with and have regularly supplied and fitted over the years. However we are all excited at Ruck about our latest offering of AR technology!  Watch this space!

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