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Monday, 5 December 2011

Most Popular Christmas Gadget 2012 - iPad 2. A View on Apple POP Display

Following on with our 'techy' theme I was looking at the top 10 Christmas gadgets for 2012. I discovered I am amongst the masses that want an iPad 2 this year. According to several electrical retailers it is set to be the best selling gift this Christmas, followed by the Kindle.

I was in the Trafford Centre in Manchester a few weeks ago and the place was fairly empty except for the Apple store which was full of people intently trying out products on the long central tables that run down the length of the store. All the products in Apple stores are linked to the internet so can be tried out. It is modern and slick with minimalistic POP display. In keeping with the clean lines light boxes are used along the back walls to advertise the features and benefits of the products being tried out on the central testing stations.

Windows users always accuse Mac users of paying over the odds for the style and kudos of the brand. Being a Mac user myself I have to disagree, however I can see the point. When you step in to an Apple store it feels almost futuristic; stylish in a 2001: A Space Odyssey kind of way - you just don't get that feeling in any other computer shop. Perhaps that is why the Apple store is always full with customers willing to pay. It's strength of brand combined with a shopping experience that makes the user touch and feel cutting edge technology in their hands..as they check their email and browse online they almost own it. The cult status of Steve Jobs, apparent after his death, has him viewed as a trail blazer of innovation which has added even more to the brand, and Apple customers want a piece of that.

Apple are top of their game and their time is now. The point of purchase display is indicative of the innovation within the brand. Light boxes are used in all the high end fashion stores too…they do bring a certain amount of class to POP display. They are relatively easy to install and not massively expensive - we have fitted several in stores over the last few years..and I do think they will become more and more popular with high street retailers as a stylish way to display.

Dear Santa…...

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